Alvaro Somoza explains the challenges of the research on cancer in the National Radio RNE

Prof. Alvaro Somoza with journalist Beatriz Domínguez at the laboratory of Nanobiotechnology in IMDEA Nanociencia.

Álvaro Somoza talked with the National Radio RNE about his research towards the finding of new treatments against cancer.

 Prof. Álvaro Somoza has welcomed the National Radio RNE to his group’s laboratory. Together with Jesús San Miguel, medical director of Clínica Navarra in Navarra; Alberto Orfao, researcher at Centre for Cancer Research in Salamanca; and Marta Puyol, Research Director at Spanish Society Against Cancer (aecc), they have discussed about the state of the research on cancer therapies in the radio programme “Por tres razones” broadcasted on the 26.09.

“Nanoparticles are essential for the drugs to have less secondary effects” says Somoza. Prof. Somoza currently works on nanoparticles-based strategies for the treatment of melanoma, a project funded by the Spanish Association Against Cancer AECC. This is one of the several projects he currently leads.

The research of Álvaro Somoza at IMDEA Nanociencia is focused on the use of modified oligonucleotides and nanostructures in diverse applications such as the preparation of structured materials as well as systems to detect and treat different diseases such as uveal melanoma, pancreatic cancer or Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He is currently funded by the aecc, the European Commission through the project NoCanTher, the Eranet/Euronanomed and the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Universities.

Podcast available here.

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