Dr. Álvaro Somoza

Álvaro Somoza obtained his Ph.D. at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in the group of Prof. Carmen Carreño focused on the total synthesis of natural compounds. Then, he joined the group of Prof. Eric T. Kool at Stanford University where he worked on the preparation of modified ribonucleosides to study the role of hydrogen bonding interactions between RNA strands in RNA interference. Later on, he moved back to Spain and joined the group of Prof. Ramón Eritja at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine Barcelona. There, he studied the interaction of hydrophobic moieties in RNA derivatives with protein complexes involved in the RNA interference process. In 2009 he joined IMDEA Nanociencia and in 2014 was promoted to Research Professor. His research projects are focused on the use of modified oligonucleotides and nanostructures in diverse applications such as the preparation of structured materials as well as systems to detect and treat different diseases such as uveal melanoma, pancreatic cancer or Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Funded Projects

  • European Commission (H2020)Nanomedicine Upscaling for Early Clinical Phases of Multimodal Cancer Therapy (GA 685795) Web In the media: Madri+DSBE
  • Eranet/Euronanomed (H2020)MicroRNA based nanotherapies for the detection and treatment of muscular diseases Web
  • Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (AECC)Nuevas aproximaciones para el tratamiento y detección de melanoma de úvea basadas en nanopartículas de oro funcionalizadas New approaches for the treatment and detection of Uveal Melanoma based on Functionalised Gold Nanoparticles
  • Ministerio de Economía y CompetitividadDiseño y evaluación de agentes terapéuticos y sensores basados en ARNs no codificantes y nanoestructuras (SAF2014-56763-R) (miRGold)

In the media

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