Technician Team

Research Assistant


Irene de la Iglesia del Pino studied Chemistry at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. In her final year, she made an intership at Trinity College of Dublin, in which period she could being part of Prof. Thorfinnur Gunnlaugsson’s group in Supramolecular and Medicinal Chemistry department where she made her research project titled ‘Synthesis of multi(thio)urea compounds and their supramolecular chemistry’. In 2019, she obtained her Master degree in Drug Discovery, imparted by Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad CEU San Pablo and Universidad de Alcalá. In this period, she was working under the super Dr. Bernardo Herradón in IQOG in ‘Peptide-arene hybrids: potential inhibitors of the protease Calpain’.

From 2021 she joined Dr. Alvaro Somoza’s group working on the obtention and optimization of nucleic acids derivatives.

Fun facts: She has a good music taste, is an animal lover, loves sunny days and party hard.