Dr. Begoña Sot

Dr. Begoña Sot early years’ scientific trajectory was focused on the study of the molecular mechanism of protein´s activity.  She learned all the necessary techniques to understand proteins: molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, and structural biology. During the doctoral and postdoctoral stays in Spanish and European centers (UPV-EHU, MRC, Max-Plank Institute, CNB), she studied different disease related proteins, like kRas, P53 or alpha-Synuclein. This extensive knowledge about proteins showed her the potential of their use in biotechnology and biomedicine. She then joined IMDEA Nanociencia research center to lead the Protein Engineering Laboratory with the objective to implement proteins as nanotechnology and nanomedical tools. Since 2017 her research is focused on the design of non-viral vehicles for the efficient and specific delivery of engineered CRISPR proteins. The IMDEA-nanociencia multidisciplinary environment allowed her collaboration with experts in nanoparticles and their use as delivery vehicles. Finally, in 2021 she joined the “Unity of innovative medicine” in CIEMAT, where she applies her knowledge in nanomedicine for the design of treatments for different diseases. She is author of 28 peer-reviewed articles (H-index 15), 7 of them as corresponding author.

Research topics:

  • The design of  non-viral vehicles  for the delivery of CRISPR proteins (Cas12, Cas9, Cas13) in complex with the guide RNA (RNP), to obtain efficient gene editing for therapeutic applications.
  • Combination of Cas12a or Cas13 target interaction and nanotechnology to design “point of care” sensing systems for the diagnosis of cancer and infectious diseases.
  •  Antibacterial activity of inorganic nanoparticles.