Begoña Sot

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Begoña Sot did her PhD in Universidad del Pais Vasco, under the supervision of Prof. Arturo Muga, focused on the study of the allosterism of chaperons. Then she worked with Prof. Alan Fersht (Centre for Protein Engineering, Cambridge) gaining knowledge in biophysical characterization of protein-protein interactions. Later she worked with Prof. Alfred Wittinghofer (MPI, Dortmund) studying the activation of G-proteins activity by protein-protein interactions and its regulation by co-localization in cellular membranes. In 2011 she joined Prof. Jose Maria Valpuesta`s group (CNB-CSIC), where she learned Electron Microscopy techniques. Finally, she joined IMDEA in December 2012 as Ramón y Cajal fellow.



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